Handmade Painting Turkey FOLK COSTUME Framed

Handmade Painting Turkey FOLK COSTUME Framed

The national dance of Türkiye is developed on the basis of multiple cultures in the Anatolian plateau area. The content reflected is mostly through imitating the scenery of nature, simulating labor production actions, expressing people's love for life, pursuit of love, piety towards religion, and expressing people's joyful emotions in various festive ceremonies. Türkiye has a rich and colorful national dance, and almost every region has its own traditional dance. The lively and joyful Helan dance in the northern Black Sea region; The slow lyrical Zeybek dance in the western Aegean region; The charming and beautiful Harai dance in the east and southeast, the passionate and unrestrained Thrace dance, and the bar dance that portrays the personality of heroic characters all have their own distinct characteristics in style.


The painting characteristics of figure painting:
1. Strive for vivid and smooth lines: Lines are very important, and painters pay attention to the vividness and smoothness of lines in their paintings, pursuing the effect of "using a pen like a god", vividly depicting the expressions and forms of characters.
2. Emphasize the expression of demeanor and emotions: Emphasize the expression of the demeanor and emotions of the characters, use painting techniques to express the inner thoughts and emotions of the characters, and convey the painter's understanding and insights of the characters.
3. The expression of depth of scenery is less: there is less expression of depth of scenery, often not focusing on the expression of perspective and spatial sense, but more on the description of character forms.
4. Artistic conception, interest, and sense of rhythm: Emphasis is placed on the artistic conception and interest of the picture, creating a unique sense of rhythm through composition and color application, as if the characters in the picture are breathing and flowing dynamically.

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