Handmade Painting American State Nevada Mountain Blue Bird Framed

Handmade Painting American State Nevada Mountain Blue Bird Framed

The mountain bluebird is a small migratory thrush found in the mountainous areas of western North America. It has a light colored abdomen and black eyes. Adult males have a thin beak that is bright turquoise blue and slightly lighter below. The wings and tail of adult females are dark blue, the chest is gray, and the head, throat, and back are gray. In the fresh autumn feathers, the female's throat and chest are slightly reddish orange, with a contrast between the brown and white lower part of the tail near the wings. They are omnivorous animals that can live in the wild for 6 to 10 years. They eat spiders, grasshoppers, flies, and other insects as well as small fruits.


In realistic bird painting, we strive for similarity in form, and "form" occupies an important position in Gongbi painting. Pay more attention to details and focus on realism.

Painting emphasizes the beauty of lines, which can provide readers with a more intuitive feeling compared to freehand brushwork. Gongbi flower and bird painting is something I really like, from ancient palace paintings to the combination of Chinese and Western painting today, the rhythmic beauty emanating from it is irresistible to us.

The special significance of the lines in painting lies in the precise requirements for the lines, which distinguishes them from the excessive arbitrariness of freehand brushwork. Although Gongbi painting, under the influence of emotions, also emphasizes the pursuit of non expressiveness, this pursuit still differs qualitatively from the lines of freehand brushwork, namely delicate, full, round, and accurate.

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