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American Robin State Bird Handmade Art Print

American Robin State Bird Handmade Art Print

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Style: Handmade Art Home Decor
Materials: Digital color ink oil, heavy canvas

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This art print features the the proud American Robin State Bird Michigan Pyrus Coronaria.
Adorned with enriched colors and skillfully hand-painted, this artwork vividly captures the essence of Michigan's most modern state bird, the Robin, and its state flower, Pyrus Coronaria. The piece radiates the artwork with a vibrant and contemporary artistic flair. Beyond being a mere artistic display, this artwork serves as an excellent choice for home decoration. Furthermore, it serves as a delightful gift for nature and handmade craft enthusiasts, showcasing their love for the beauty and artistry of nature.

// Print Specs:
+ high-quality art print of watercolor artwork by LeanaFischer
+ beautifully displayed within a 7.9x11.4 inch screen and framed with a 12.2x15.16 inch hanging frame.
+ giclée printed on heavy canvas paper
+ shipped in a sturdy waterproof box
* All prints and larger will come place in a sturdy box to prevent damage in shipping. To flatten. gentlyunroll it and place it under a heavy object.
Note: Every handmade painting INCLUDED SOLID WOOD FRAME. And the color of the picture wood frame is optional, just leave a note in the order.
This artwork has been meticulously crafted using premium materials and exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring its longevity and quality.

//How it's Made:
Art prints are printed and shipped by GEM ORIGINAL
Copyright 2024 @ GEM ORIGINAL, all rights reserved.

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